Burn Baby, Burn!

Well folks. My little teeny-tiny had an accident. A bad one. His first hospital visit since we broke him free over a year ago.

There is NOTHING that will make you feel more like a horrible person that having your children get hurt on your watch. Nothing.

I had just let him down from lunch and he sat on the floor under my feet as I made my lunch taking pieces of cheese from me in his fat little hands. The older two were in the living room, not only 15 feet away watching Dinosaur Train waiting for naptime. I had just walked to our dining room table when I heard the screaming.

I immediately ran over to my little dude where he was standing next to the fireplace with his hand planted firmly on the glass… not moving.

My two year old had apparently climbed up the back of one of our chairs and turned on the fireplace when I wasn’t looking and the baby crawled over to it.

Surprisingly enough he didn’t really cry that hard or for that long. But I only needed one little peak to see how bad it was. Bad.

All three boys had to be loaded up with winter gear while I talked to our nurse  on the phone, “Go immediately to the ER.” Yup, that’s what I thought. Three under 4 is going to be a fun time in the ER.

I’ve never dressed and loaded them into the car so quickly. Under 5 minutes.

And my poor little dude has 2nd degree burns. The worst part.

It has now been 4 days since he burnt himself. Lots and lots of  holding him, keeping his big brothers away from him, checking and changing his bandages, keeping him from checking his bandages.

And I’m amazed at how well he has adapted to it all. He burnt his right hand, which was his primary hand, and he has completely changed over to the left in a matter of days with no hesitation. Maybe he’ll be ambidextrous after all of this mess? haha Silver lining? He isn’t really walking anymore, but who can blame him. Those little falls can’t feel good on that burn.

I have never personally seen a burn as bad as his. The entire pad of his had is a 1/2 inch thick blister and each of his fingers and thumb have thick and round blisters. But he’s taking it like a champ.

It’s always amazing to me how resilient they are. I think I’d still be crying.

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